Hair Care Tips

Ladies, weave should be taken care of just like your real hair. You should treat it the same way you would treat your real hair. Here are some hair care tips to help. Kim's Doll House will not be held responsible for any improper usage and damage to your hair.

1. If you plan to color your natural color bundles, please do not use harsh chemicals. I highly recommend BW2 and 30 Volume Developer. High Volume Developers should be used in a professional setting. They are very strong chemicals. Improper use of this product can lead to damaged hair. 

2. Products matter. Always wash your hair with good shampoo and conditioner. I recommend any OGX Shampoo or Pantene. Good shampoo and conditioner is essential if you plan on re installing your bundles/ wigs. Please make sure hair is completely dry before you install. 

3.Use bonnets when you sleep. Just like your real hair, you want to keep your weave protected. I highly recommend silk or satin bonnets.

4.Heat matters. If you flat iron or curl your hair, keep it at a decent temperature. Especially with 613(Blonde) you don't want to overly heat your hair. If you have colored your 613 bundles, using high heat on them may change your color. It's rare, but it's possible.

5. You don't have to put excessive products in your hair, However, if you use holding spray or spritz to accomplish certain looks it may dry the hair. A proper shampoo job will fix that.

6. Please do not cut your bundles to install them. Cutting the wefts can lead to shedding. Please keep cuts to a minimum.

7. When coloring 613 hair be mindful of the hair color you use. I highly recommend "ADORE". When coloring hair please make sure it is properly washed out and conditioned before installing the hair.

8. Please make sure you are only using hair products in your hair. All glue is not safe for your hair. It can get in your hair and cause damage. Please only use salon recommended hair products.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!

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